Advancing Labor Market Assessments (LMA): PowerPoint Presentation

Despite widespread dialogue on youth employment challenges, and increasing attention to the evaluation of “what works” in youth employment programs, guidance is limited on how practitioners and workforce stakeholders can identify the driving constraints and opportunities within a specific country context. There is a particular need for better assessment and analysis tools.  Many resources exist – of varying levels of quality and accessibility – but which tools are most appropriate?thumb_lma_slides.jpg

In this presentation, Workforce Connections presents:

  • An inventory of existing tools and methods identified to date,
  • A proposed decision tree for labor market analysis, and
  • A summary of new “open source” tools currently in development.


  • Bryanna Millis, Technical Advisor
  • Eleanor Sohnen, Workforce Specialist
  • Lara Goldmark, Workforce Connections Project Director (Moderator)


If you were unable to attend the Advancing Labor Market Assessments Event, you'll find the option to download the PowerPoint Presesntation below and the link to the Webinar Presentation here:

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