Programa Para O Futuro - Enabling Disadvantaged Youth to Build New Futures

Programa_Para_O_Futuro.pngProgram Para O Futuro (PPF) piloted a new model for employability training focusing on disadvantaged youth in Brazil. Youth participated in a year-long program that used technical skills training as the foundation for learning, while also developing the soft skills that are potentially more important for longer term success.

Unlike traditional training models that prepare youth to find a job in the short term, PPF focused on ensuring young people have the capacity for long term employment and career growth. Project-based learning was a key mechanism for technical, soft, and employability skills delivery. Through this delivery model, disadvantaged youth gained the opportunity not only to develop new skills, but also to envision themselves in the workplace, living a better future. Approximately one year after formal training was completed, 92% of PPF graduates were considered employable, as they were either attending post secondary school, had worked, or both.


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  • Paulina Cameron
    commented 2016-09-05 14:55:39 -0400
    Thanks to the author for a very interesting article, that shows active action taken to educate the youth. It’s a pleasure to see that that the destiny of our future generation is taken care of. I reckon that scholars and specialists at will recognize great importance of such programs and campaigns that are held to educate the people who will determine a future better way of life. As the international statement of people rights dictates, all people have the right to be educated and the article proves that community is on its way to grant the youth to get a respectful job and discharge their duty for the society.