Employer-led Skills Development Initiative in Cambodia’s Garment Market

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The initiative progressed through three stages: from USAID funded project, to independent non-profit, to private sector entity. During the first stage, GIPC established training centers for workers and provided technical assistance to garment manufacturers, within the context of new trade agreements with the US that provided an opportunity for rapid growth in Cambodia’s garment industry.

Following GIPC, the Cambodia Skills Development Center (CASDEC) was formed as a Cambodian non-profit organization offering consulting and training services. CASDEC was led by a Cambodian Director with a specific mandate to localize and transform the project into a sustainable entity. During this stage, CASDEC offered higher levels of investment and training, and greater involvement by the private sector. Trainings included production management, specialized industry skills and quality and production control management.

In order to ensure long-term sustainability of the institution, CASDEC merged with HRINC (Cambodia) a private firm providing HR services, with relevant industry links, to create the Society of Human Resource Management and Productivity (SHRM&P) in 2011.  SHRM&P continues to provide training and business development services with a focus on HR development, productivity and competitiveness.

Key Results:

Individual level:

  • 95% of trainees credit the program for improved job performance and satisfaction.
  • Over 70% credit the program with professional advancement and/or income increase.
  • 7,000 jobs have been added by client factories.

Industry level:

  • Improved productivity by 20% within 1-2 months.
  • Increased number of local managers.
  • Created opportunities for job seekers to find positions with improved working conditions and wages.

Institutional level:

  • Trained over 160 labor union leaders in basic industry economics.
  • Linked employers and educators to align work and workforce needs through a stakeholder council. 

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