Skills and Skill Frameworks, Past to Present


Theme 3: It’s Not Just About Skills: Models for Private Sector Collaboration

 Session 1

Title: Skills and Skill Frameworks, Past to Present

Date & Time: Monday, November 2, 2015. 3:15pm – 4:30pm

Summary: This session starts by covering skill frameworks more familiar to education experts, move through to newer models for skill frameworks, and culminate in a rethinking of skills frameworks based on firm (business process) needs. Following the frameworks the session worked in a facilitated way towards an understating of how new approaches to skills align with participant’s programming needs.

An interactive session where participants learned about major trends in skill development, the importance of skills to education, gender, and economic growth, how to know what skills are needed in a country’s labor market, how skills are categorized, what works in skill development, and the latest thinking on developing performance measures for skills that allow comparison across different skill development programs.

Facilitator: Monika Aring, FHI360

Presenters: Bryan Wilson, National Skills Coalition


Presentation Materials:

Skills Presentation Slides - Below

Skills Glossary

Kenya Diary Value Change

The Skills Needed for the 21st Century. PDF

Integrated Performance Information


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