Understanding the System: Labor Market Assessments


Theme 1: Systems Thinking for Workforce Development

Session 3

Title: Understanding the System: Labor Market Assessments

Date & Time: Wednesday, November 4, 2015. 10:15am-11:15am

Summary: The labor market assessment (LMA) framework starts with a series of questions that need answers, forming the basis for an assessment. The questions fall into one of five buckets. These help guide you to tools to answer your questions, indicate parts of the WFD system that you should be looking at, and comprise the foundational pieces of a labor market assessment framework. The six are: 1. Systems; 2. Policy; 3. Economic Context; 4. Supply of Skills 5. Demand for Skills; 6. Alignment.

Facilitators: John Lindsay, FHI360; Bryanna Millis, FHI360

Presenters: Alec Hansen, FHI360; Katy Vickland, Creative Associates; Julie Lostumbo, RTI International

Presentation Materials:

LMA Guide 

RTI WfD Ecosystem Assessment Tool

RTI Ecosystem Tool Poster

Creative Associates Infograph


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