Workforce Connections and the Community of Practice

Network/Technical Presentation

Title: Workforce Connections and the Community of Practice

Date & Time: Tuesday, November 3, 2015.  4:40pm-5:30pm

Summary: Workforce Connections promotes evidence-based learning and peer-to-peer knowledge exchange in international workforce development. It brings together thinking across relevant disciplines including education, economic growth, and positive youth development. Funded by the USAID Office of Education and managed by FHI 360, Workforce Connections works to create an open space for stakeholders, develop a technically sound and accessible body of knowledge, and build the capacity of practitioners. The work is embedded in a community of practice composed of implementing partners, USAID staff, and other stakeholders working to improve employment outcomes for youth worldwide.

Facilitator: Lara Goldmark, FHI360; Dr. Anne Genin, Morgan State University

Presenters: Tommy Galloway, FHI360


Presentation Material:

Technical Brief: Youth and Informality



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